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Group 1 participant, Spring 2017

"If you are like me, you’ve tried everything to lose weight. Some things worked for a while but eventually the weight came back and usually with a vengeance!! I don’t like powders or “fake” food. I just wanted my mind to change my body and be able to eat normally. Hypno-puncture does just that. I learned to eat for the necessity of it and not to let stress or bad habits tempt me into overeating. The group I was in was totally “real” with no judgement, just true apathy and support. I learned more about good foods and how to avoid the bad foods. I lost 15 lbs. and, 8 months later it is still off! Losing that weight helped me continue to play tennis and hike. Don’t let your health slow you down – do something about it!"

Group 1 participant, Spring 2017

"This program was interesting and beneficial. We were all there for slightly different reasons but at the end, I think I can speak for others and say it was worth it and beneficial. I don’t have that much overall weight to lose, I joined for the mental part of weight loss and learning more about my own barriers to losing weight. I learned a great deal about myself and my eating habits. Changes I am still working on and over time hope they are second nature. The time spent with one-on-one sessions with Gary and Kasie were overwhelming powerful and impactful. I lost a total of ten pounds and hope to eventually lose the last ten. Words cannot express my gratitude to Gary and Kasie for their time, effort and genuine concern for all the members of the inaugural program!”

Group 1 participant, Spring 2017

"I cannot thank Kasie and Gary enough for such a great experience with hypno puncture/virtual gastric band program! First, I met amazingly kind and non-judgement people, who I now call my friends, in this group . I will forever stay in touch with each of them because this was MORE than a weight loss program; it was a transformation. I learned a lot about my relationship with food, and more importantly, I learned how to have a better relationship with food. Kasie gave us great information and so many incredible resources for us to use (if we wanted) to help us along with our food journey. Gary gave us deep connection to our sub conscience to explore and retrain our thinking as it relates to food. Both of them gave their hearts to us….and in return, we all felt very safe sharing our stories, our challenges and our victories. It was truly a gift that I gave to myself. AND, I lost 11 pounds and on my way to lose the last 15 pounds before summer!!! Thank you Kasie and Gary! xo"

One beautiful and inspiring story!

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kasie and Gary on the Virtual Gastric Band Weight loss program this year. I have to say that I entered the program with trepidation. I had recently retired from 37 years of teaching and was being careful to count every penny I spent. I gave myself every reason why NOT to participate in this program and eventually sent Kasie an email telling her I was not going to do this program. Fortunately, I have a wonderful wife who encouraged me to participate and I’m so thankful that I did!

This program has changed my life in so many ways. I know people say things like this all the time, but this program seriously changed my life. I was on the road to self-destruction. I was obese, sick and unhappy. Not a good combination! I knew that if I committed to doing this program that I would do it fully and completely and that’s what I did. I followed the rules of the program and added some of my own along the way. There were a few bumps as I progressed, but Kasie and Gary were there to support me every step of the way. The combination of acupuncture and hypnosis gave me exactly what I needed to be able to achieve my goals and get on the right track to healthier happier me.

I started the program in September and ended 5 weeks later. I was able to achieve all of my goals in that 5-week period. I learned to eat gluten free, which was always something I knew I needed to do for my health. I also no longer eat any processed foods and have even begun drinking green smoothies in the morning! Believe it or not, this was a big deal for me! The most important thing is that my thyroid, which has always been hypo-active is now totally normal, and for the first time in 30 years I am no longer taking thyroid medication. I have also stopped taking my inhalers for my asthma and have come off my medication for my fibromyalgia. The inflammation that was a constant in my body is now gone.

This program started as a way for me to lose weight but turned out to be so much more than that. It has totally changed my life. I am no longer ruled by food but now live a healthy life, exercising daily, eating small healthy meals and feeling like I got my life back. I have lost a total of 40 pounds since beginning the program back in September. (Today is November 30th) It really is not about the numbers anymore. It’s about how I feel each and every day. I will forever be grateful to Kasie and Gary for putting me on the path to a healthier happier life.”

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