One beautiful and inspiring story!

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kasie and Gary on the Virtual Gastric Band Weight loss program this year. I have to say that I entered the program with trepidation. I had recently retired from 37 years of teaching and was being careful to count every penny I spent. I gave myself every reason why NOT to participate in this program and eventually sent Kasie an email telling her I was not going to do this program. Fortunately, I have a wonderful wife who encouraged me to participate and I’m so thankful that I did!

This program has changed my life in so many ways. I know people say things like this all the time, but this program seriously changed my life. I was on the road to self-destruction. I was obese, sick and unhappy. Not a good combination! I knew that if I committed to doing this program that I would do it fully and completely and that’s what I did. I followed the rules of the program and added some of my own along the way. There were a few bumps as I progressed, but Kasie and Gary were there to support me every step of the way. The combination of acupuncture and hypnosis gave me exactly what I needed to be able to achieve my goals and get on the right track to healthier happier me.

I started the program in September and ended 5 weeks later. I was able to achieve all of my goals in that 5-week period. I learned to eat gluten free, which was always something I knew I needed to do for my health. I also no longer eat any processed foods and have even begun drinking green smoothies in the morning! Believe it or not, this was a big deal for me! The most important thing is that my thyroid, which has always been hypo-active is now totally normal, and for the first time in 30 years I am no longer taking thyroid medication. I have also stopped taking my inhalers for my asthma and have come off my medication for my fibromyalgia. The inflammation that was a constant in my body is now gone.

This program started as a way for me to lose weight but turned out to be so much more than that. It has totally changed my life. I am no longer ruled by food but now live a healthy life, exercising daily, eating small healthy meals and feeling like I got my life back. I have lost a total of 40 pounds since beginning the program back in September. (Today is November 30th) It really is not about the numbers anymore. It’s about how I feel each and every day. I will forever be grateful to Kasie and Gary for putting me on the path to a healthier happier life.”

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