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This was MORE than a weight loss program; it was a transformation!"

- Group 1 participant, 2017


Tampa Bay Hypnopuncture

Tampa Bay Hypnopuncture is a combination of two powerful, therapeutic, modalities, Acupuncture and Hypnosis. Kasie Carlson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and Gary Urso, Certified Hypnotherapist, recognize that true healing needs to tap into the physical and emotional aspects of imbalance and disease.

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Kasie Carlson uses acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to treat physical symptoms and promote sustainable change. Gary Urso focuses on providing hypnosis to promote emotional healing, accessing the subconscious mind to create long-term success.

Together, Gary and Kasie have seen first hand that hypnosis is more effective when paired with acupuncture, the two compliment each other in a powerful way, providing solutions for weight loss, addictions, trauma recovery and more.


This is Kathy… She lost 15 pounds before the holidays and she is still losing! She is off almost all meds, her GERD has nearly disappeared and she feels better than she has felt in years.


Great work Kathy!


for weight-Loss

This program isn’t just about weight loss, it’s about transforming your life and changing your relationship with food for good. Overeating and being chronically overweight puts a massive strain on your health and well being. Find out how hypnopuncture for weight loss can be a permanent solution.

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Chinese Medicine with

Kasie Carlson, AP, DOM

Kasie Carlson, AP, DOM practices Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Safety Harbor, FL, at her clinic Calm Community Acupuncture. She offers community style acupuncture, sliding scale payment, as well as private treatments. To learn more or to  schedule a session with Kasie, visit website linked below.

Private Hypnosis
with Gary Urso

Gary Urso is available for private hypnosis sessions. Hypnosis can be utilized for many disorders, not just weight loss! We have seen success with addictions, like quitting smoking, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, asthma, PTSD and so much more. Contact us to schedule a private session for just hypnosis.

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